Through the Fire

TheHayes Davis who returned to Seattle is not the man who left. He is compelled to serve his community with the same zeal that once fueled his desire for personal gain.

He is a man whose word is bond and he does not give his word to just anyone. To God he has given his word to walk in peace as he seeks to recover from extreme financial losses. To the love of his life, Bernadette Lewis, he has given his word to continue on his new path as he seeks grow with and respect who she is becoming. To Barbara Sherman, Hayes has given his word to be the surrogate father that her three sons need in order to develop into the men he has seen in visions.

When an unspeakable crime is committed against the Sherman family, Hayes is compelled to avenge the wrong. How he will be able to keep his word to one without breaking his word to the others, he does not know. What he does know is that he will do what he must and as he runs into the night he prays, "Lord, please have mercy upon my soul."

Through the Fire is the long awaited sequel Business Unusual. It will release this fall.





"Linda Beed's storytelling ability is bright, bold and brave. Her writing blends the essence of creativity with soul as she weaves stories that will take readers on unexpected journeys."

Award-Winning Playwright, Jeanette W. Hill/J.W. Hill Productions


When I was asked to contribute to this compilation of short stories I had to regretfully decline due to business and personal obligations. What I did not decline was the opportunity to write the foreword for this anthology.

When Women Become Business Owners, I believe will be of value to those who are contemplating starting a full or part-time business and those who are already at the helm of their own enterprise.

Throughout the pages of this inspiring anthology you will meet dynamic women of industry who have dared to be vulnerable has they share what happens When Women Become Business Owners. 

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