How could this be? From my first memory I have served God. I have felt his presence and have lived with the pain, heartache and responsibility for the gift entrusted to me. If righting the wrongs of the world were not His intentions, they why, why, would he allow me to feel and see things that others can't?

Flavorful speaks to the realness of spiritual gifts. Beyond that, it speaks to the necessity of that gift being understood, nurtured and used the way it is intended.


barnes & noble

"The stories told in Home Again reveal the magnificent power of love found through  forgiveness, redemption and restoration. More than an another anthology, Home Again is inspirational and a must read."

Haveyou ever felt like you were different, a little odd, perhaps, strange?  You've been told that you have a special gift, but you only see it as a burden.

Charmayne Mason felt that way. In fact she believed that her so-called gift had become the sentence from which she would never be given time off for good behavior.

Excerpt from Flavorful(c)

"Charmayne Mason, I have taken into consideration your age. Included in this determination has been the compelling testimony of the eyewitness and the brutality of your crime. I, therefore, have no other choice than to sentence you to ten years in the state penitentiary for the crime of murder in the second degree."