Brian Chin has seen the real woman beneath the shroud of artificial needs Treva depended on. Believing her to be his soul-mate Brian has prayed for their future. To him there is nothing that could take them backwards.

When current circumstances become reminiscent of her past, Treva is forced to answer her own hard question--CAN I LIVE WITHOUT HIM?

At one time or another in our life we've suffered at the hands of another. That intentional or unintentional event, left unresolved, has the potential to cause one to question their self-worth and/or detour or destroy purpose.

Her Gifts, is book one in the Living His Love series. Books in this series will explore how our stumbles never changes the purpose God has ordained for our life.

"The minute I started reading this story, I was immediately transported into the lives of these

true-to-life characters."              


Karrin Jones/Manassas, VA

Will accepting the gift she's prayed for cause Treva Scott to return

to the life she vowed to walk

away from?

Treva Scott has survived an unusual upbringing. it is her faith that causes her to believe that all her bad days are behind her.  and is determined to put the bad memories behind her. It is also her faith and belief in herself that tells her that she can have more than what others told her she could have. 

Feeling that she's overcome the demons of her past, Treva planned to move from the realm of employee to business owner.  If all goes as she hopes, she'll soon receive another gift she longs for.

Linda F. Beed


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