Frequently Asked Questions


Q - What led you to these particular dolls?
A -  After a think tank comprised of mothers and daughters, the two dolls you see featured became the popular choice.

Q - Do you make all of the clothes?
A -
I hand-make 90% of the clothing for the dolls then add accessories to complete their look.

Q - Are the four outfits shown the only ones available?
A -
At this time, these  are the first to be offered online. Our Fall/Holiday collection will be featured mid-to-late October 2018. 

Q -  How can we keep up with news about your dolls?

A -  You can be the first in the know by signing up for our newsletter on the contact page. You can also email us at  and join our Facebook group at:

Dolls for Our Daughters

Q - Are these dolls for collectors only?
A - Although people may choose to add these to their collection, these dolls are very durable and can stand up to normal use by children.

Q - Will you have a line of dolls that are completely yours?
A - I have two lines of dolls that are in the process of being re-released.The Heritage Dolls

are specifically designed to honor our ancestors and to continue to preserve our stories. Just Like Me are soft-body male and female dolls made with love and the ability to give hours of  pleasure to children.