Business Unusual invites the reader to walk with its characters as they will touch and be touched by friends and family. Most of all they will be touched by God.

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"Captivating inspiring, motivating, entertaining and spiritually uplifting..."

Dr. Myles Munroe , Founder, President, Sr. Pastor

Bahamas Faith Ministries International

Bernadette Lewislives the life most only dream of. At an early age she understood purpose and prepared herself for when the time came to walk that path.

As president of B. L. Lewis Enterprises she carried out her vision with prayer and care. Within nine months she had surpassed her one year goal. Although pleased with what she accomplished, Bernadette is dismayed with  the obstacles she now faced.

The first is an insubordinate employee with the potential to destroy all Bernadette worked for.  The second challenge was the forced re-acquaintance with an undesirable relative. Finally there's Hayes Davis.

Hayes is the type of man who can make the most level-headed woman act out of character. He's the type of man her father has warned her to not become involved with.

Determined to take things into her own hands, Bernadette will soon learn the danger of not communicating with God.