My Philosophy

My belief is that

no reader should exit a book the

way they entered it!

Why Do I Write?

I write because stories have

preserved my legacy and saved

my life!


I enjoy connecting with readers to discuss my novels, my journey as a writer and the business side of writing. 

I'm available for telephone and online chats with your book club, social, industry and ministry group. To arrange an engagement contact me

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One of  the most important things I’ve learned about writing is that there’s not one story written that hasn’t been told before. Faced with that reality, it becomes the author’s job  to retell that story in a way that makes it uniquely their own, and memorable for the reader.

In order to bring realism to my work, research of people, places, things and culture has become a valuable part of my writing process. What I’ve chosen to weave into the stories is for the sake of informing and entertaining  the reading public.

If you’re looking for a little suspense, romance, humor or enlightenment,  you’re sure to find what you’re looking for inside one of my books.  I need to warn you that you won’t exit any of my books as the same person who entered it.

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